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Introducing the newest product from ContacEZ: PrepSure. PrepSure is a set of innovative crown prep instruments to monitor, achieve, and confirm ideal creation of abutments for crowns and onlays. Achieve ideal abutments with proper occlusal clearance by evaluating with PrepSure while reducing dental structure with burs and discs.

Watch how the ContacEZ Restorative Strip System makes seating a crown on Tooth #15 safe, easy, and accurate. ContacEZ dental strips are the ultimate proximal contact solution!

An introduction to the ContacEZ Restorative Strip System, the ultimate proximal contact solution. Learn how ContacEZ Restorative Dental Strips safely adjust, clean, and polish the proximal contact of direct and indirect restorations.

Patient friendly, autoclavable, and reusable! The ULTIMATE proximal contact solution!

The ContacEZ LAB Strip System and Restorative Strip System work in concert to create ideal proximal contacts on a lab milled crown without remakes or rebakes.

Tutorial Video for seating a Zirconia dental crown using the ContacEZ Restorative Strip System

Interproximal Reduction

Tutorial video for creating space between crowded for orthodontic procedures using the ContacEZ IPR Strip System

IPR Strip System Information and Benefits, presented by Joshua Kim, Director of Sales.

The ContacEZ IPR Strip System is an innovative interproximal enamel reduction system that makes IPR safer and more accurate without cutting excessive enamel.


The Copper Narrow Strip is the perfect tool for cleaning and polishing the undercut area safely, easily, and conveniently.

Procedure Date: January 24th, 2013. Using the ContacEZ Restorative Strip System in a proximal composite filling on the distal side of tooth #10.