Safe-Edged Diamond Disc


Enjoy safe, effective, and stress-free interproximal reduction with the new, innovative SupraDisc. While traditional diamond discs can carve harmful ledges or gouges into enamel surfaces, SupraDisc uses a unique, non-abrasive edge to make this a thing of the past. Use SupraDisc to improve patient experiences and bring a unique value to your office.

To ensure best results, begin reduction with the Yellow IPR Starter and Red IPR Opener from the IPR Strip System for easier access to tight contacts, improve safety by using a Snap-On Disc Guard, confirm accurate reduction with Incremental Thickness Gauges, and polish away surface roughness with the Gray Final Polishing Strip.

  • Prevents the creation of ledges and gouges in the enamel
  • Made in Germany, using only the highest quality materials
  • Easier to insert into the contact space and keep parallel
  • Perfect complement to the ContacEZ IPR Strip System and Accessories

Available in Top-, Bottom-, and Dual-Coated


Available Sizes:

  • 19 mm
  • 22 mm

Coating Options:

  • Top-Coated
  • Bottom-Coated
  • Dual-Coated
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