Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions for PrepSure


Option 1. Clean PrepSure in Automatic Washer
Option 2. Clean PrepSure by hand

Step 1
Holding the PrepSure under a faucet, run regular tap water over each strip, and scrub the stainless steel surface using a brush.

Step 2
Clean the PrepSure using General Cleaning Solution in an Ultrasonic Tank for 10 - 20 minutes.

Step 3
Rinse the PrepSure under a faucet with regular running tap water.


Step 1
Sterilize the PrepSure in a standard steam heat autoclave (not dry heat) at 30 lbs of pressure for 10 minutes, with a maximum temperature of 270˚F/132˚C. ContacEZ recommends using distilled water in the autoclave.

Step 2
Allow the PrepSure to cool down for a period of 5 minutes once the sterilization process is complete.

Step 3
Remove the PrepSure from the autoclave by gloved hand. The strips are now ready to use.



Some chemical solutions of cold sterilization may melt and damage the plastic.


After 25 uses, PrepSure may be disposed of with normal waste products.