"I love ContacEZ and use them every day! Great product!"
Dr. Martin P. Bleckner – Summit, NJ

"I love [ContacEZ]! It has been good with veneers."
Dr. Laura Bridges – Holmdel, NJ

"We love ContacEZ! This is a fabulous product we use on a daily basis in our practice. From general dentistry to orthodontics, it is a must have for every dental office."
Drs. Vivian de la Carmara and Luis Rodriguez – Apple Dental Group, Miami Springs, FL

"I love ContacEZ IPR Strips. I have tried others, but I don’t have the control with other strips."
Dr. Chuck Galambos – Lethbridge Dental clinic, Lethbridge, Canada

"I use the Orange Strips most often when I have a tight contact that is shredding the floss and I need to lighten up the contact by a slight amount. I also use the Orange Strips when there is a slight overhang or roughness in the interproximal region of the filling that needs smoothing. The beauty of the ContacEZ strips is that they are thin and I don’t have to worry about opening up the interproximal contact by filing away too much material. I use ContacEZ strips almost every time I do composite restorations. They have made my ability to create an ideal contact easily attainable!"
Dr. A Fujioka DMD – Vancouver, WA

"Thanks for such a great invention… you’ve changed my life!"
Dr. Janette Carroll – Mt. Vernon, WA

"Performing IPR is no longer a drudgery. Full control and ability to quickly establish the necessary reduction when doing Invisalign cases is greatly enhanced when using your strips. They are very user and patient friendly."
Dr. Curtis Chan – San Diego, CA

"I love your products! [ContacEZ] has made interproximal stripping safer for myself, my staff, and my patients!"
Dr. Susan Chen – Sammamish, WA

"ContacEZ is so important for modern dentistry, especially in composite fillings, such as black triangles. Every dentist should use ContacEZ nearly every day for nearly every patient."
Dr. David Clark – Tacoma, WA

"Absolutely a game changer!! You must try out these ContacEZ IPR Strips. The numbers on the strips plus the case (strip tray) for holding them makes it super easy and convenient to use! Thank you for a great product."
Dr. Vellaski Swati – Fredericksburg, VA

"You have to have it in your office."
Dr. Thomas Dickson – Midvale, UT

"I have tried other competing contact adjusting devices and have continued to find yours as the best. Yours are more elegantly designed, flexible and small enough to fit in difficult-to-reach areas."
Dr. Mark Elmore – Puyallup, WA

"PrepSure is a tool EVERY dentist should have in their practice. Your lab will love you and your patients deserve it!"
Dr. Hugh Flax – President 2010-2011, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

"I can’t live without ContacEZ!"
Dr. Kevin Frawley – Beverly Hills, CA

"It is convenient for orthodontists to create space. ContacEZ is easy to use because the space between [the handle and the strip] is easy to look through."
Dr. Susan Friedman – New York, NY

"I use PrepSure whenever I do crown preps. It’s reassuring to know I have the appropriate amount of clearance before taking the impression. I like how PrepSure eliminates the guesswork."
Aimee M. Fujioka, DMD – Fujioka Family Dentistry - Vancouver, WA

"I recommend ContacEZ to all my dental colleagues."
Aimee M. Fujioka, DMD – Fujioka Family Dentistry - Vancouver, WA

"I use ContacEZ everyday to adjust and smooth margins of composites. ContacEZ has greatly increased the ease of creating a perfect margin! I can’t imagine not having it as part of my routine set up for composites."
Aimee M. Fujioka, DMD – Fujioka Family Dentistry - Vancouver, WA

"I love ContacEZ! Can't work without it. Why didn't I think of this?"
Dina J. Giesler, DDS, MAGD – Atlanta, GA

"I use ContacEZ all the time: to open up contact on composites and to clean up overhangs. For new crowns, when the floss can’t remove trapped cement, the ContacEZ Gentle Saw cuts and cleans out the cement. Therefore, I use ContacEZ ever day in my office."
Dr. Daniel Goldberg – Reynoldsburg, OH

"ContacEZ IPR Strips are very easy to use and gentle to patients; patients feel comfortable in accepting IPR Strips for their treatment."
Dr. Denise Hering – Reynoldsburg, OH

"The design of your serrated instrument is very clever! This design permits expedient cleansing of bonded contacts with an easy to hold, easy to control design."
Dr. David D. Janes – Woodstock, IL

"It’s great for adjusting interproximal space. Find its company and order it."
Dr. Michael Johnson – Bellevue, WA

"ContacEZ is easier and more reliable to use than floss prior to crown cementation."
Dr. Daniel Lundquist – Vancouver, WA

"I am enjoying using your product. ContacEZ has been a welcome addition in my office to aid in attaining ideal interproximal contacts in all my restorations, both milled and lab fabricated."
Dr. John McGrane – Cedar Rapids, IA

"ContacEZ (Dental Diamond Strip) is a perfect complement to CEREC. It allows me to achieve superior contacts with minimal effort and time."
Dr. Joseph Palumbo – East Lyme, CT

"We love the PrepSure at our School."
Dr. Patrick L. Roetzer, DDS – Director of Operative Dentistry, Dugoni School of Dentistry

"You have captured our hearts with the PrepSure.... All expanded-duty assistants should be checking the prep clearance before they take the final impression for their Doctor. Just another check and balance for quality."
Dr. Patrick L. Roetzer, DDS – Director of Operative Dentistry, Dugoni School of Dentistry

"Great product. Brasseler has a similar product, but nowhere near ContacEZ!"
Dr. Anthony J. Romanazzi – Glens Falls NY

"I love your strips; I will never stop using them!"
Dr. Jessica Saepoff – Issaquah, WA

"I love ContacEZ strips. It's Great. I use them every day."
Dr. Michael Scherb – Jupiter, FL

"I love your product and use it daily and tell all my friends about it!"
Dr. Alex Shvartsman – Start of the Art Comfort Dentistry, Smithtown, NY

"I’m very glad to have discovered such a company as yours that provides an excellent product, with direct service to the end user (vs. via a multi-layered dealer scenario with multiple markups), and very reasonable prices. Your competitors run a distant second in quality and price."
Dr. Annie Sohn – Seattle, WA

"ContacEZ Dental Strips Simplify my life, especially with composite fillings. Every dentist should use ContacEZ and enjoy this great product."
Dr. Steven Spivack – El Paso, TX

"I think the ContacEZ would help everybody. This whole tooth business is tedious enough and anything that makes it go smoother is a blessing for everyone."
Dr. Myron B. Stringer – Cookerville, TN

"I’ve tried many other products to remove excess cement and overhangs, from CeriSaws to Mizzy blades and strips. ContacEZ is far superior and increased durability has made my restorative dentistry easier and safer."
Dr. Isaac D. Tawil – Brooklyn, NY

"I use ContacEZ strips for IPR for Invisalign treatment and to remove excess interproximal cement. They are excellent."
Dr. Stephen Young – Richmond, VA

"I find that ContacEZ works well between tight contacts on natural teeth or when a direct restoration is tight."
Dr. Estelle Zandstra – Alpharetta, GA

"This is my favorite product ever! I wish I’d thought of it! We use it every single day!"
Dr. April L. Ziegele – Sumner, WA

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