Restorative Strip Complete Kit

The complete solution for finishing and polishing the hard-to-reach interproximal areas of crowns, veneers, and composites.

The ContacEZ Restorative Strip System is an innovative, precision dental strip system designed to achieve ideal proximal contact adjustment and complete marginal seating of crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, and proximal contouring of composite fillings accurately with minimal time and effort.

The ContacEZ Subgingival Strip System is designed to safely and conveniently remove hard-to-reach subgingival rough margins and overhangs and polish the surface to restore a natural finish. This system is specially designed to access the subgingival area to make overhang removal simple while preventing damage to patients’ gingival tissue and lips. In addition, these ultra-narrow strips are perfect for cleaning out cement debris in the subgingival area of the interproximal space after crown cementation.

Restorative Strip System

Subgingival Strip System

Restorative Strip Complete Kit


Proximal Contact Adjuster
Black Diamond Strip (8)
Proximal Contact Adjuster with Sawtooth
Orange Serrated Diamond Strip (4)
Gentle Saw, Interproximal Cement Cleaner
White Serrated Strip (8)
Heavy-Duty Dental Saw
Blue Serrated Strip (4)
Proximal Surface Polisher
Gray Final Polishing Strip (4)

Subgingival Cutter
Blue Narrow Strip (4)
Subgingival Trimmer
Gold Narrow Strip (4)
Subgingival Polisher
Copper Narrow Strip (4)
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