ContacEZ Releases Copper Narrow Strip, the Overhang Cleaner & Polisher

It is designed to clean out and polish overhangs, excess composite resin, in the sub-gingival area in the interproximal space. The clinical studies confirmed that remaining overhangs in the sub-gingival area will impact plaque accumulation, gingival inflammation and pocket depths leading to periodontal disease and bone loss. However, it can be difficult to reach the correct angle and direction to clean out overhangs in the sub-gingival area. ContacEZ Copper Narrow Strips are the solution for gingival overhang cleaning, and prevent possible gingival health problems.

ContacEZ Copper Narrow Strips, ultra-thin with fine diamond powder, become available during Greater NY Dental Meeting, November 25th, 2012, to deliver improvement in esthetic and restorative dentistry and save chair-time. While conventional, two handed, long strips are hard to handle, difficult to control, and likely to cut lips and gums, ContacEZ Copper Narrow Strips are much easier and safer to use with 'now-convenience" features. Autoclavable, and re-usable, with built-in flexibility, the strips contour the curvatures of the tooth which make ContacEZ the superior dental strip choice.

ContacEZ Copper Narrow Strip
Sub-Gingival Overhang Cleaner & Undercut Polisher
Color: Copper
Width: 2.5mm
Thickness: 0.06mm
Surface: Single-Sided
Grit: Extra-Fine Diamond
Features: Built-In Flexibility

Daniel Kim, DDS, Founder and Inventor, said: "ContacEZ Copper Narrow Strip represents not just an improvement in the composite finishing process, but it's a significant feature in the Restorative Strip System, and this is how we continuously pave the way for more efficient, patient/user friendly techniques and devices for betterment in dentistry."