ContacEZ Introduces PrepSure, the Crown Prep Guide

After years of development and refinement, Dr. Daniel S. Kim—inventor and founder of ContacEZ—has perfected his newest, breakthrough set of dental instruments: PrepSure. Long-lasting, versatile, and easy-to-use, PrepSure monitors and confirms the creation of adequate buccal, lingual, gingival and occlusal clearance during crown preparation, eliminating a common problem that has been stressful and time-consuming for clinicians and lab technicians alike.

Historically, insufficient reduction on prepared abutments has been endemic, with some prominent members of the field reporting incidence rates as high as 80%. Dentists have often had to rely on guesswork, gauging the amount of clearance prepared with their naked eyes. This has traditionally led to embarrassing and costly second impressions or thin, structurally weak crowns that were likely to fracture or perforate easily. These experiences provide a poor customer experience for the patients, making them much less likely to return.

PrepSure is the ultimate solution to this problem, for every dentist and every crown preparation. The set of three uniquely designed instruments takes out all the guesswork from crown preparation and helps ensure the successful fabrication of crowns and onlays. By using the precisely measured 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2.0mm tips, dentists can confirm that sufficient reduction has been performed, detect where additional reduction is necessary, and avoid unnecessary reduction to preserve healthy tooth structure. PrepSure is designed to cover indications for all commonly used crown materials, and each instrument is autoclavable and reusable for incredible value.

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