ContacEZ Releases the IPR Optional Strip System

For the ContacEZ research and development team, there is nothing more important to our dentists and their practice than delivering great results for their patients. In response to our dentists' feedback, ContacEZ has developed four IPR Optional Strips to increase efficiency and accurately deliver interproximal reduction to exactly match the prescribed amount programmed into various aligners without creating sharp corners or excessive enamel reduction.

The ContacEZ IPR Optional Strips are strong, flexible strips that are permanently housed in an autoclavable FDA approved medical-grade plastic casing. Dentists can perform IPR with these single-handed strips without changing handles, casings, or strips.

The compact and single-handed design of ContacEZ IPR Strips increases the level of user/patient friendliness, preventing gagging and trauma to surrounding soft tissue such as gums and lips. With openings in the strips for better visibility, the flexible strips curve and conform to the natural contours of the teeth, avoiding sharp corners and subgingival ledges.

For more information about ContacEZ IPR Optional Strip System, or the IPR Strip System, call (360)694-1000 or visit

IPR Single-Sided Opener
Clear, 0.10mm, Serrated
Medium-Fine Diamond

This patient-friendly, single-handed, serrated IPR Strip with medium-fine diamond is designed to use with overly tight contacts or overlapping teeth when only one tooth needs IPR.

IPR Single-Sided Widener
Cyan, 0.12mm, Non-Serrated
Medium-Coarse Diamond

This single-sided IPR Strip with medium-coarse diamond is designed to use safely and accurately with overly tight contacts when only one tooth needs IPR.

IPR Super-Widener
Purple, 0.25mm
Coarse Diamond

Reduce interproximal enamel efficiently with minimum effort during reproximation without scratches and cuts to surrounding soft tissue or creating sharp corners.

IPR Mega-Widener
Brown, 0.30mm
Coarse Diamond

This strip has coarse diamond on both sides, with no serration. Perform IPR with minimum effort during reproximation without soft tissue irritation, and maximize patient comfort.