ContacEZ Releases the Gold Narrow Strip, Sub-Gingival Trimmer

Through years of rigorous clinical testing, Dr. Daniel Kim, the founder and inventor of ContacEZ, has developed this innovative new addition to the ContacEZ Sub-Gingival Strip System, which allows clinicians to easily access and trim away small, hard-to-reach overhangs after dental restorations. In addition, this unique strip is perfect for cleaning out otherwise unreachable cement debris from the interproximal space after definitive crown cementation.

The Gold Narrow Strip’s versatility and effectiveness come from its three key design features. First, the narrow, stainless steel strip allows dentists to access the sub-gingival area at the proper angle easily and without damaging the patients’ soft tissues. Second, the blank central gateway makes entering the interproximal space easy, and it ensures the abrasive surfaces are only used where necessary. Lastly, the Gold Narrow Strip is built with the patented ContacEZ autoclavable strip handle, consistently praised for giving clinicians both optimal control and comfort.

Combined with the other Sub-Gingival Strips—the Blue Narrow Strip for cutting away more prominent overhangs and the Copper Narrow Strip for final polishing to restore a natural surface—the new Gold Narrow Strip represents the ultimate solution to what were once nearly inaccessible overhangs and composite and cement remnants.

ContacEZ Gold Narrow Strip, Sub-Gingival Trimmer
Color: Gold
Thickness: 0.10mm
Surface: Medium Diamond Grit
Features: Central Gateway, Ultra-Narrow, Built-in Flexibility
Benefits: Easy access, Patient and user safe, Versatile