Introducing Our Newest Product:


Excellent Preps, Excellent Crowns

PrepSure is a set of innovative crown prep instruments designed to monitor, achieve, and confirm creation of ideal abutments for crowns and onlays. Achieve ideal abutments with proper occlusal clearance by evaluating with PrepSure while reducing dental structure with burs and discs. PrepSure is essential for successful crowns and onlays. 

PrepSure brings a unique value and quality care to every patient by providing an excellent patient  experience when preparing crowns and onlays.

  • Ideal complement to digital workflows
  • Avoids over-reduction of tooth structure
  • Autoclavable for exceptional value
  • Reduces stress and takes out all the guesswork
  • Prevents a second impression or digital scan
  • Matches indications for all crown materials

PrepSure - 1.0mm, 1.5mm, & 2.0mm

Use the appropriate size of PrepSure for the restorative material being used (PrepSure tip sizes are marked on the handle of each instrument).