Thank You for Attending a ContacEZ-Sponsored Event!

We are proud to sponsor the best in dental education events, helping to make excellent dentistry simple and easy for dentists everywhere. To try one of our innovative dental strips, simply fill out one of the short sample request forms below, and you should receive your desired sample in 3-5 business days. If you would like to try a different strip than those listed, or if you have questions, please feel free to email us at or call 1 (360) 694-1000.

Only 1 sample per dentist


PrepSure, Crown Prep Guide

2.0 mm - Porcelain (Ceramic and CAD/CAM crowns and onlays)

PrepSure brings a unique value and quality care to every patient by providing an excellent patient experience when preparing crowns and onlays.

Black Diamond Strip, Ideal Proximal Contact Adjuster

Single-Sided, Fine Diamond Grit

Use this patient friendly and safe strip prior to final cementation to achieve ideal proximal contact adjustment of direct or indirect restorations.

Orange Serrated Diamond Strip,  Proximal Contact Adjuster with Sawtooth

Single-Sided, Extra-Fine Diamond Grit, Serrated

Use this strip in place of the Black Diamond Strip when overly tight contacts are present, and the strip cannot access the interproximal space.

White Serrated Strip, Gentle Saw

No Diamond Coating, Double-Serrated

This ultra-thin serrated strip is designed to safely cut and clean out excess cement trapped in the interproximal space after cementation. Prior to light curing, use it for interproximal cleaning of multiple veneers or composite fillings without disturbing placement and to separate them from adjacent teeth.

Gray Final Polishing Strip, Proximal Surface Polisher

Single-Sided, Ultra-Fine Diamond Grit

Use this strip to polish proximal contact surfaces of restorations and to restore a natural finish in one step. This strip also confirms interproximal relief (IR) after definitive cementation.

Gold Narrow Strip, Sub-Gingival Trimmer

Single-Sided, Medium-Fine Diamond Grit, Blank Central Gateway

The medium diamond grit and thicker strip allow you to quickly trim away overhangs and cement debris, while the central gateway enables smooth access to the interproximal space.

Red IPR Opener

0.12mm, Double-Sided, Coarse Diamond Grit

Open the contact and reduce enamel gently on two teeth.

Hygienist Strip, Stain Remover

Perforated, Double Serrated

Designed to remove tough coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco stains from proximal surfaces simply and easily.