Diamond Discs and ContacEZ: A Perfect Match

While using diamond discs for interproximal reduction during orthodontic treatment can be a great way to save valuable chair time, the increased risks associated can make many of us hesitant to use them. Increased difficulty accessing overly tight contacts, inaccurate enamel removal, creating ledges and gouges, leaving flat and improperly deflected contacts--all of these are valid concerns, particularly for doctors more accustomed to manual reproximation. Fortunately, with ContacEZ, each and every one of these concerns can be a thing of the past.


First, when it comes using diamond discs for IPR, it is highly recommended to try SupraDisc. Designed to be just as effective as standard diamond discs but without many of the risks, the unique safe-edged design of SupraDisc prevents the creation of ledges and gouges and can help guide the disc into the interproximal space.


Second, use ContacEZ IPR Strips to break contacts and create adequate space for the disc. The Yellow IPR Starter is perfect for opening even the tightest contacts, and you can follow up with the Red IPR Opener to make adequate space for safe and easy disc insertion.


Lastly, once you have finished reduction, polish and contour the contacts with the Gray Final Polishing Strip. The exceptionally fine diamond coating polishes away the deep diamond marks left after using coarser abrasive and helps round the contacts back to a more natural shape, all without significantly increasing the amount of enamel removed.

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