Problem Solved #5 - Subgingival Overhang Removal

Solved with the ContacEZ Subgingival Strip System


Overhangs can lead to significantly increased accumulation of bacterial plaque, decay, and even potential bone loss.

t is important for hard and soft tissue health that doctors have a safe and effective way to remove subgingival overhangs whenever they are present.


Why ContacEZ?
The unique narrow design of the Subgingival Strips helps doctors access the subgingival area without cutting lips or gums, allowing them to quickly and easily cut or trim away overhangs and polish the area back to a smooth, natural finish.

  • Ultra-narrow strip for hard-to-reach angles

  • Built-in flexibility

  • Will not cut lips and gums

  • Single-handed, ergonomic design

  • Superior grip and handling

  • Autoclavable and reusable