Problem Solved #4 - Interproximal Stain Removal

Solved with the ContacEZ Pink Hygienist Strip


Interproximal stains and plaque are often hard to reach with scalers, and the use of abrasive finishing and polishing strips to remove surface stains damages tooth enamel.

Hygienists need an instrument that can access even tight interproximal areas to clean and scale away stains and plaque.


Passing the thin, perforated strip back and forth buccolingually will even remove stains between tight contacts.

Why ContacEZ?
The Hygienist Strip is thinner than most dental floss, allowing it to easily access interproximal spaces in both anterior and posterior. It’s also flexible and non-abrasive, using microperforations to clean away plaque without damaging enamel.

  • Removes stains and plaque from proximal surfaces

  • Non-abrasive perforated strip protects enamel

  • Access areas that are difficult to reach with other instruments

  • Leaves a smooth proximal surface for flossing

  • Flexible, highest-quality, stainless steel strip

  • Thinner than dental floss

  • Autoclavable, steam heat only, up to 270°F