Problem Solved #2 - Stressful Interproximal Reduction

Solved with the ContacEZ IPR Strip System


Interproximal reduction is often necessary for clear aligner therapy and other orthodontics, but both doctors and patients find it incredibly stressful due to risks of soft tissue damage, inaccurate enamel reduction, the unintentional creation of ledges or flat contacts.


Doctors need a way to safely and accurately reduce the required amount of enamel without risking over-reduction, cuts to lips or gums, or ledging the tooth surfaces.

Why ContacEZ?
The IPR Strip System is the safest, most accurate way of performing IPR. Exceptional tactile control through manual reproximation, built-in strip flexibility, and a patient-safe single-handed design eliminate stress for both doctors and their patients.

  • Will not remove excessive enamel

  • Prevents sharp corners or subgingival ledges

  • Central opening for maximum visual perception

"Performing IPR is no longer a drudgery. Full control and ability to quickly establish the necessary reduction when doing Invisalign cases is greatly enhanced when using your strips. They are very user and patient friendly."

- Dr. Curtis Chan - San Diego, CA