Problem Solved #1 - Innacurate Occlusal Clearance

Solved with PrepSure, Crown Prep Guide

Doctors often have to evaluate the amount of occlusal clearance on a crown preparation with their naked eye. This inaccurate method frequently leads to insufficient clearance, causing either a need for embarrassing second impressions or the fabrication of fragile, short-lived crowns.

An easy-to-use, accurate, and repeatable method to confirm the presence of adequate occlusal clearance is necessary to ensure long-lasting crowns and more satisfied patients.

Why ContacEZ?
PrepSure is easy to use; quickly identifying anywhere the prep lacks sufficient clearance. Best of all, the 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, and 2.0 mm PrepSure instruments are designed to ensure accurate preps for every common crown material.

  • Takes out all the guesswork

  • Solves a very common crown prep problem

  • Prevents a second impression or digital scan

  • Avoids under-or over-reduction of tooth structure

  • Prevents premature crown fracture/perforation

  • Matches indications for all common crown materials

  • Ideal complement to digital workflows

  • Autoclavable for exceptional value

"Use of the PrepSure has become an essential part of every crown and onlay prep in my office. I can be assured of adequate clearance for ceramic material to ensure a long-lasting restoration. The 3 diameter sizes cover all the materials that I use."

- Dr. Fred Peck - Cincinnati, OH