A Unique New Feature

I have been fortunate to be able to receive feedback on my products from fellow dentists all over the world at dental conventions, seminars, and by email. Many of the responses have been incredibly positive, and I am very thankful to the support we have been shown by dental professionals all over the world.

There is, however, one request that I have heard time and again from dentists and their staff: Can you find a way to put the specifications on the strips? I would often be told stories about how confusing it can be for doctors to have to memorize the measurements of strips, or for their assistants to need to search high-and-low for information sheets they can reference. Wanting to eliminate this potential inefficiency and make our products that much more user-friendly, I have dedicated years of research and development into finding the most effective way to clearly, legibly, and permanently include necessary info on every handle.


As the result of this effort, ContacEZ is proud to have released the first IPR Strips to bear specifications right on the handles. Currently available on Strips from 0.35 to 0.50 mm and coming soon to the rest of our IPR Strips, this unique feature is designed to make the IPR Strip System and IPR Plus simpler and easier to use than ever. Raised lettering on the handle indicates the thickness of a given strip, as well as whether it is single-sided or dual-sided, eliminating any confusion at chairside and ensuring you always know which strip you need.