Prevent Ledges and Gouges during IPR


Using the latest diamond discs technology,
eliminate a commonly dangerous problem with IPR

Looking to satisfy the demand for both speed and safety with motorized IPR, ContacEZ has unveiled its latest product—SupraDisc. Designed for use with Invisalign®, ClearCorrect, eCligner, Six Month Smiles®, and other orthodontic treatments, SupraDisc offers orthodontists and general dentists a new, safe, and efficient way to effectively perform what has often been a worrisome procedure.

In the current market, diamond discs are coated with diamond particles all the way to their edges, making it easy to leave harmful gouges and ledges in tooth surfaces with even the slightest changes in angulation. This excess enamel damage is irreversible and the potential cause of a variety of serious iatrogenic conditions, including hypersensitivity and increased bacterial accumulation. With SupraDisc, however, these risks can be prevented.

Made in Germany using only the highest-quality materials, SupraDisc’s unique pattern of diamond coating is designed to leave the outside of the disc uncoated and non-abrasive, guiding the path of the disc along the path between the teeth and preventing the edge from grinding deep cuts into the tooth. Additionally, this design helps ease initial entry between the teeth, helping doctors guide the disc straight down into the interproximal space. These benefits, in turn, significantly reduce chair time, decrease operator stress, and improve patient safety.

SupraDiscs are 19 or 22 mm in diameter and are available in top-, bottom-, and dual-coated.

Best of all, SupraDisc is a perfect complement to existing ContacEZ IPR products, Supra IPR, allowing doctors to create the perfect solution for their IPR. Doctors can begin reduction with the Yellow IPR Starter and Red IPR Opener from the IPR Strip System for easier access to tight contacts, improve safety by using a Snap-On Disc Guard, confirm accurate reduction with Incremental Thickness Gauges, and polish away surface roughness with the Gray Final Polishing Strip.

Fig 1.
Use ContacEZ IPR Strips to initiate enamel reduction.


Fig 2.
After an adequate pathway has been created, the uncoated edge helps guide the SupraDisc into the interproximal space.


Fig 3.
Use the SupraDisc to safely and efficiently complete IPR without creating ledges or gouges.


Fig 4.
Old-fashioned discs can easily carve out vital enamel. Using SupraDisc can help alleviate this problem.