An Efficient Way to Adjust Proximal Contacts of Partial Dentures

Recently, a patient came to see me with a complaint of a broken front tooth. I found that tooth #9 had fractured at the gingival crest. He said he didn’t feel any discomfort but was concerned about his appearance. A radiographic exam revealed that the tooth had been endodontically treated in the past. It was solid and stable in the alveolar bone, and there was no indication of an apical lesion or thickened periodontal membrane (Fig. 1). I also noticed that the patient was missing tooth #3, #4, and #11. 
The patient was presented with several treatment options, including implants, bridges, and a removable partial denture. For financial reasons, the patient opted for the partial denture. 
The sharp broken edges of the exposed root of tooth #9 were rounded out and smoothed. An upper partial denture was constructed, with the apical fragment of tooth #9 still in place (Fig. 2). Once the partial denture was seated, the patient said that he felt immediately comfortable, and was very happy with the esthetic result. 
One week later, however, during a follow-up appointment, the patient complained of a feeling of tightness between tooth #8 and #10. Using the ContacEZ Black Diamond Strip (Fig. 3) and Gray Final Polishing Strip (Fig. 4), I adjusted and polished the mesial and distal surfaces of the resin tooth #9. After the adjustment, the patient remarked that it was “so comfortable now.”

X-ray shows that tooth #9 has received a root canal treatment and shows no apical lesion or thickening of the periodontal membrane.


The upper partial denture replaces and restores the missing and damaged tooth
#3, #4, #9, and #11.


A ContacEZ Black Diamond Strip is used to adjust the mesial and distal proximal contacts of the resin tooth #9.


A ContacEZ Gray Final Polishing Strip is used to polish the mesial and distal proximal contact surfaces of the resin tooth #9.


ContacEZ Strips are very convenient for adjusting the proximal contacts of resin teeth on newly-made partial dentures.