Pink Hygienist Strip, the Stain Remover

Tea or coffee stains between crowded, lower anterior teeth are very common and can be hard to reach with scaler tips. My hygienists worked diligently to remove tiny traces of stains that were inevitably left, but found the task very difficult. This on-going problem inspired me to develop the ContacEZ Pink Strip. Pink Strips make stain removal easy and always leave teeth crystal clean. Since their development, Pink Strips have become very popular in my office and stains, both anterior and posterior, are a thing of the past.

Pink Strips are made with non-abrasive, micro-perforated, stainless steel that effectively removes stains and plaque, while preserving enamel. This result is achieved because the stainless steel is softer than natural enamel and scaler tips, but harder than plaque, tar, and calculus. Interproximal access is easy because the strip is only 0.05mm thick, which is half the range of natural movement of ligament surrounding a tooth.

After a teeth cleaning in my office, no stains are left and everyone is left happy, including patients, hygienists, and myself!

Fig 1. The Pink Strip is thin enough (0.05mm) to go through interproximal spaces and remove stains and calculus.

Fig 2. The Pink Strip works well to clean hard-to-remove stains from the interproximal space of crowded, lower anterior teeth.

Fig 3. The hygienists in our office love to use the Pink Strip on posterior teeth, too. The Pink Strip is economical; it is autoclavable (270°F for 10 minutes under 30lb pressure) and reusable.


Fig 4. After having their teeth cleaned with a ContacEZ Pink Strip, patients love to show their big smiles and brag about their sparkling, crystal-clean teeth.