Why Use The ContacEZ
Black Diamond Strip?

  • To achieve ideal proximal contact of direct or indirect restorations.
  • To achieve complete marginal seating of crowns.
  • Reduce the tedium of taking small crowns and onlay/inlays in and out of the patient’s mouth.
  • Offer single-handed design for better tactile control.
  • Grant easy access to tight anterior or posterior spaces.
  • Enhance patient comfort immediately after final cementation of direct or indirect restorations.
  • Eliminate the need to use articulating films to mark and identify the heavy proximal contact points.
  • Eliminate the need to hold tiny restorations in place with your fingers to adjust them with rotary instruments.
  • Reduce chair time.

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What Are Our Users Saying About ContacEZ Dental Strips?


ContacEZ Dental Strips simplify my life, especially with composite fillings. Every dentist should use ContacEZ and enjoy this great product.

— Dr. Steven Spivack, El Paso, TX


Iíve tried many other products to remove excess cement & overhangs, from CeriSaws to Mizzy blades & strips. ContacEZ is far superior & increased durability has made my restorative dentistry easier & safer.

— Dr. Isaac D. Tawil, Brooklyn, NY